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Welcome to the world's First DAO Property Ecosystem That Rewards Its Members in USDT.


By owning the BRIKN token you become a member of our DAO and will be rewarded every single month in USDT for your contribution to the ecosystem. BRIKN is the rewards token of Brik by Brik, which allows owners who stake their tokens to receive rewards from the entire property portfolio. 

Brik by Brik was conceived in 2021, and established in early 2022, to take advantage of the ever-growing property sector and to become a top national multi-sector property developer, with its main focus on BMV property packaged deals which deliver high income-driven rental yields. With its Headquartered in London, we have an in-house specialist team and work with multiple property sources in the United Kingdom who regularly update us and offer investment properties generating above average rental yields, packaged and ready to be purchased. We only look for yields of at least 10% and we are targeting a portfolio of £50m in the next 5 years. 

We have substantial experience in the property sector and will deliver properties of exceptional quality in the property sector. At Brik by Brik and BRIKN, we have strong relationships with our partners, from property sources, retailers and investment houses, to agents and planners, architects and solicitors, to financial advisors. 

Working closely with our valued partners, BRIKN aims to deliver the highest-quality development and investment projects, in the residential and commercial property sectors, across various regions in the UK and eventually around the world. This includes both private and public sector customers, which diversifies risk for our investors and Token holders.

The Problem

A major problem for small investors who wish to obtain a property portfolio is the initial capital outlay. Unless these investors have access to large amounts of capital, they will find it difficult to own multiple properties and achieve multiple streams of income – unless they were to invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)


REITs allow investors with smaller funds to access a return from the trust’s portfolio but as an investor you have no governance or opinion on the investment project and ultimately giving investors no choice in how their capital Is used. There are also costs to think about such as management, stamp duty, legal issues and maintenance which can be both costly and time consuming.

The Solution

By purchasing and staking the BRIKN token in the Brikn Vault, it will grant the owner a monthly percentage of the income from the whole portfolio from Brik by Brik at a much lower entry level than what is typically needed for just one property. Early purchasers of the Brikn token will be airdropped exclusive NFTs, which will grant the owner governance over the entire project meaning you have a say and can vote on important decisions the company want to make.


This allows the average investor to earn monthly passive revenue from an entire property portfolio without investing the time, knowledge, or additional funds to do this themselves.

Welcome to the next generation of property investment powered through the blockchain.

Many investors out there want to have a flourishing property portfolio but don't know the best way to go about building one or the money to do so. We now give people the opportunity to be rewarded fractional amounts on our whole property portfolio's profits just for contributing to our property ecosystem.

With our buy, renovate and remortgage strategy we are able to leverage our property positions to deliver increases in monthly returns every single year.

Mark Goodman

Founder & Head Of UK operations

BRIKN Token Overview

The BRIKN  Token is the reward token from its DAO, which can be purchased via the BRIKN platform. The BRIKN Token can be staked for rewards in the BRIKN Token Staking Vault and provides access to the rewards from the entire property ecosystem every month in USDT from Brik by Brik.  Each token will grant the owner one vote based on the Governance model on the DOA platform.

*The BRIKN Token is a platform utility and does not represent the value or ownership of any real estate assets. Holding the token does not constitute investment in any assets, and the token's price is not affected by real estate in any way. 

Our sectors

  • Buy to Let
  • Buy to Sell
  • HMO (house of multiple occupancy)
  • Housing Association
  • Airbnb
  • Rent to Rent
  • Commercial to Residential Development
  • Land Development Opportunities
  • Local Authorities


  • DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization)
  • NFT (Non-fungible token)


Have Your Say in the BRIKN Ecosystem

Become a member of the DAO by owning the BRIKN token and get reward in the DAO by staking the token in the vault and contributing to the ecosytem.

We plan to release an exclusive round of NFTs for each property or development we purchase, by owning this NFT it will grant you Governance over that particular property with one vote per BRIKN token in our DAO platform. This will allow our Ecosystem members to be rewarded by helping us make the important decisions and give the token holders a real place in the project and its success by voting on proposals and modifications to the property. 


These special NFTs are different to the BRIKN NFT. Owners of GOLDMINE NFTs have governance rights over the entire portfolio and project and just like the BRIKN NFT they are able to contribute to decision-making in the BRIKN ecosystem, supporting the company’s growth. Owning the NFT will also grant the holder a % of the management fees as all our properties are managed in-house.


The BRIKN vault


Maximise Your Profits by Staking

  • The BRIKN vault is a unique part of the BRIKN ecosystem, which allows holders of the BRIKN token to stake in the vault for any period of time. 60% of all revenue from the property portfolio will be split evenly between the tokens that are staked in the vault.
  • These rewards are paid monthly in USDT via a smart contract in the platform.
  • You will also be able to stake your BRIKN NFTs in the vault, which will boost your rewards via the company’s management fees.
  • Any unsold tokens will be burnt.

Stake $10,000

Portfolio Per Month PA% (Price)
$5m $50 6% ($600)
$10m $100 12% ($1200)
$50m $500 60% ($6000)

*Please note these are guidelines based on the portfolio value and only a 10% yield the returns are not fixed or guaranteed and will be based on both sales and rental yields of the portfolio.


The UK has to reach net-zero carbon goals by 2050, therefore, new homes must achieve greater carbon neutrality. The UK government has announced a Future Homes Standard, which is taking effect in England from 2025. This will be a key part of the Construction Industry’s framework going forward. The target is to reduce carbon emissions by a minimum of 75% when compared with existing levels. The Future Homes Standard will update Part L of the Building Regulations for new homes in England.

Our mission for our new builds is to create affordable homes that are warm and comfortable and keep your energy bills down. To achieve this, we use an efficient construction process that ensures high build quality and maximum thermal efficiency along with installing solar panels. – saving on both energy and bills.

Why Choose Brikn Token?

Low barrier to entry
Passive income streams
Diversified property portfolio
Multiple Property Income Streams

Receive monthly income from the entire property portfolio.

Rental and Sales Profits.

Receive 60% from rental and property Sales

Smart Contract

All transactions and payments carried out on the blockchain.


Invest safely. We partner with a leading European cyber-security team.


Have your say on the project by being an early adopter.


Purchase exclusive property NFTs that allow governance over the properties in the portfolio.

Referral Scheme

Purchase a minimum of $500 in the BRIKN token to obtain your referral code


When a referral buys BRIKN tokens using your unique reference code, you will receive an additional 5% worth of BRIKN tokens and the person you referred will receive an additional 1% bonus of BRIKN tokens.

Brikn Tokenomics

Token Network


Total Supply










Token Name


Payment Currency


Seed Sale

Start Date

: To Be Confirmed

End Date

: To Be Confirmed

Token Price

: $0.02

Token Allocation

: 30,000,000.00


: 5.00%

Min Investment

: $50,000

Max Investment

: -

Private Sale

Start Date

: 15th January

End Date

: 15th March

Token Price

: $0.03

Token Allocation

: 36,000,000.00


: 6.00%

Min Investment

: $250

Max Investment

: $250,000

Pre Public Sale

Start Date

: 6th December

End Date

: 5th February

Token Price

: $0.065

Token Allocation

: 108,000,000.00


: 12.00%

Min Investment

: $500

Max Investment

: $250,000

Public Sale

Start Date

: 19th February

End Date

: 2nd April

Token Price

: $0.08

Token Allocation

: 12,000,000.00


: 2.00%

Min Investment

: $100

Max Investment

: $500

Marketing Pot

Start Date

: To Be Confirmed

End Date

: To Be Confirmed

Token Price

: $0

Token Allocation

: 0.00


: 2.00%

Min Investment

: -

Max Investment

: -
Brikn Token Allocation

Private: 5%

Seed: 6.25%

Pre Sale: 11.75%

Public Sale: 2%

Ecosystem: 30%

Liquidity: 10%

Marketing: 5%

Team: 15%

Advisor: 5%

Reserve: 10%

Brikn Token ROADMAP

How do we intend on making a £50m property portfolio?

Meet the Team

Brikn Founders

Mark Goodman

Founder & Head Of UK operations

Mark has been a leading figure in North-West new-build housing. (View Profile)

Tom parsons

Co-founder & Head of DAO

Expert blockchain business consultant and founder of Blocksultancy. (View Profile)

Brikn Advisors

Madalin Dumitru


Madalin Dumitru is the Founder & CEO of Cyber Smart Defence. (View Profile)

Brikn Team

Luke Harvey

Chief Marketing Officer

Luke has a real flair for technology and problem solving. (View Profile)

Samuel Warrington

Serviced Accommodation Manager

Samuel is a successful digital marketer with wide-ranging digital marketing expertise. (View Profile)

Tom Buswell

Head Of Design

Tom is an experienced designer with an eclectic background. (View Profile)

David Gutierrez

Build and Renovations Director

David has been the successful director of Amic builders for 18 years. (View Profile)

Andy Rigby

Senior site manager Taylor Wimpey

Andy is one of the UKs most well respected Senior Site Managers and has spent the last 18 years heading up the North West division for national house builder Taylor Wimpey. (View Profile)

Harry Edmonds

Sales & Lettings Manager

Harry has a keen eye for quality and is a consummate professional. (View Profile)

Hemilly Rodrigues

Business development manager

Hemilly is an articulate and business minded individual and over the last 12 months has become a top influencer on LinkedIn. (View Profile)

Kate Grimshaw

Head of property management

Kate Grimshaw head of property management - With over a decade of experience in property services. (View Profile)

Cordelia Morgan Cooper

Head of HR & Recruitment

Cordelia has over a decade of international HR and Recruitment experience. (View Profile)

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